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Growing up, cinema was my biggest teacher. I would patiently wait for the clock to tell me school was over so I could run home and watch films.


Both my parents are great cinephiles and deemed it very important for me to watch films from all countries and from all eras. They thought nothing else could teach you more about the human condition then the stories we share with this great medium. Consequently, I had terrible grades and absolutely loathed school until, of course, I was introduced to the art of theatre halfway through high school.


I quickly fell in love with it and pursued it afterwards by going to the Professional Theatre Program at Dawson College where my love for the art was solidified. After graduating, I proceeded to do independent theatre shows and tours, small parts in film and television. All of which confirmed the fact that my greatest love in life is for the art of storytelling, and I don't see that ever changing.

Olivier Ross-Parent

ACTRA - UDA Stagiaire




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Anglais, français