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Michael Connor Marilley is an engaging, energetic and expressive boy with a true love of life. He is down-to-earth, easygoing and adaptable – a quality that is de rigueur as the middle brother in an active family of three boys. Michael is lots of fun and a natural leader with an innate sense of entrepreneurship; he regularly corals other neighborhood kids into ventures and recently set up a YouTube Channel showcasing silly stunts like bottle-flipping.


He is also a natural athlete who excels in many sports including baseball and hockey (which he plays at a competitive level). He dreams of one day playing Major League Baseball. Michael is a true team player who applies himself not just in sports, but in all he undertakes.


Having recently discovered a passion for the performing arts he is excited to discover this whole new world.

Michael Marilley




80 lbs


Dark Brown


Dark Brown

Spoken languages