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Jacquy’s personality is harmonious with all forms of art: whether it be painting, sculpting, music, dance, theater, poetry or acting, she is nourished by creativity.

As a young girl, her teacher, who had noticed the ease with which Jacquy recited her Fables de La Fontaine, suggested that she audition for the school play.  Uncertain but curious, she took a chance and discovered a world of possibilities.  The positive feedback gave her the courage to follow that path and she enrolled at Lionel Groulx in their theater option.

Upon graduation, she begun with a small role in l’Auberge du Chien Noir and quickly followed with roles in Virgine, Lance et Compte and Toute La Vérité, all well established series within the Quebec televisual landscape.

As a first venture into cinema, she obtained a supporting role in Sortie 67, Jephte Bastien’s first feature film (Jutra winner).  A few years later, the wonderfully complex character of Yolande, in Marie-Ange Barbancourt’s feature, Pour Que Plus Jamais would bring Jacquy back to the big screen, where she stole each frame she was in.  Recently, she took part in her first English project, playing the sister of acclaimed racer Jesse Owen in The Race.

Jacquy continues to spread her wings in this industry that fascinates her as much today as it did when she first took a stab at it.

Jacquy Bidjeck

ACTRA Apprentice - UDA




116 lbs





Spoken languages

French, English (with accent)