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Clauter Alexandre has been developing his talents as a multidisciplinary artist since he was a young boy.  Starting in elementary school, he was involved in theatre and improvisation, which helped him excel in drama classes.

Athletic and energetic, he discovered a passion for dancing.  He has been a member of the Flow-rock Crew for 24 years and now teaches. Better known as Dr. Step in the milieu, he has taken part in many international competitions and other events related to dance.  It is with Flow-rock that Clauter took his first steps on stage.

His improv skills, bubbling energy and thirst for improvement, all helped in pursuing his dream of becoming an actor and eventually lead to being discovered by Patrick Huard, who decided to write a role for Clauter in Taxi 0-22. Following that, Clauter got to work with Benoit Pilon (Décharge), François St-Amant (LOL), the Fuica brothers (La run) and more recently, Yves Christian Fournier (Noir & Blue Moon).

As a multidisciplinary artist, he fits perfectly in today’s diverse industry bringing a variety of assets which, as a whole, make up something unique.

Clauter Alexandre





180 lbs





Spoken languages

English, French, Creole


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